Today’s generation is totally dependent on automatic stuff, as they want their work to be completed in a very short time interval and this is because life has been moving so fast that none of us has time to wait for things to happen. We want everything to be done in a blink of an eye or I can say in an easy way without wasting any kind of their precious time. When we come to electronic gadgets, we want our thing to be perfect and fully automatic with high speed, best performance, and with best results.

Washing machines come under one of the basic requirements even in a small family, thus it is that basic gadget that helps us to minimize our work and for that, we do purchase according to our need, and also depends how we have to use it and under what circumstances. Washing machines have varies types of model, each and everyone have a different or may sometimes same features. The basic purpose of a washing machine is to clean/ wash our clothes without ruining the fabrics of our clothes. So, for this, some of the brands had done a good innovation in most of the models thus they have a lot of new features which make them different from each other and varies in price and ratings. The basic purpose is to satisfy the requires need of the customer and to help them cut their work hours.

If we talk about the working of a washing machine, in an easy language we will say that it washes, rinses, spin and dries the clothes in a given time and water level that we set up on the washing machine and with the use of detergent in it, but no one knows the real work of a washing machine how it actually works. It consists of some parts that I will mention you and then we’ll see the detail work of each part. The parts are as follows: INNER DRUM, PADDLES, OUTER DRUM, AGITATOR, THERMOSTAT AND HEATING ELEMENT, PROGRAMMER, PUMP, AND PIES & VALVES. All these components are put together to make a washing machine to work. If any of the parts does not work or is missing from the machine, it won’t work and will be of no use. All of them play a very important role in the working of the machine, from the start to end they keep on working but in different time lapses.

1.The inner drum: It is the place where we put the clothes washing, the drum rotates when we start the machine and this drum consists of lots of holes in it which allows the water to come inside that drum which washes the clothes. The water inside this drum rotates and flushed out after a wash.

2. Paddles: These are the ridges that are on the edge of the inner drum, helps in moving the clothes throughout washing of the clothes.

3.Outer drum: There is another drum which holds the water inside the machine while the inner drum and the agitator rotate the clothes. This part of the machine is completely waterproof which doesn’t let the water leak into the inner parts of the machine i.e. the electrical parts of the machine.

4.Agitator: These are common in the top load washing machines, and it also helps in moving and rotating the clothes inside the inner drum. This is a paddle that is placed in the middle of the inner drum and thus rotates the clothes.

5.Thermostat and heating element: By the name itself it indicates that it is related to the temperature of the washing machine, the water is being heated up according to the settings we do in the programmer. It controls the temperature of the water and heats up to the optimised temperature for every kind of fabric.

6.Programmer: This part plays a very important part in the working of the machine. It is the main part, or we can say the power unit of the machine. This part consists of all the buttons, setting and washing features set up on the top of the washing machine. It controls the washing machine from step one to the end step. From the washing of the clothes to rinsing, spin and drying them. It has all the controls on his dashboard.

7.Pump: This is used to remove the water from the machine after washing, rinsing, spinning and drying of clothes. It’s a water outlet of the machine.

8.Pipes and valves:  This allows the water to go in and out of the washer.

So, these were the parts and working of the machines which shows how a machine works and water are its key components which help the machine to work efficiently and smoothly. If any one component is missing from the machine will be of no use as every part is important to make it work. These were the basic parts, but every machine as their own unique feature which either stabilizes the work of the machine or increases the performance of the machine. Some of the machines also come with fabric protection feature or air bubble feature, easy wash etc they have many names and features. This is the reason why every model has a different kind of technology and thus varies in price. Even the amount of clothes to washed also a feature, some machines have a 6kg space of clothes to be washed in per washing and some has 8.5 kg of space to wash the clothes. The only difference between them will be of performance, durability, and size of the machine.

The usage if we talk this about in today’s time period, has been more than before because now this comes in basic requirements in the house. They help to minimize our work and saves out the time. The usage is increasing day by day which also giving the brand holders or manufacturers to make new models with the more and more efficient feature to work with which can help to minimize the human work effectively.

Now if we talk about the price range of the machine, it is simply the branded one will be costly with more features and some time they are just costly because of the name of the brand. The price varies from models to models because they have different features fitted in., we have four kinds of washing machines mostly that are semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines, front load and top load washing machines.  Thus, they are the types and now these all have different features which make them different from each other and varies their price ranges. The average costing of any washing machine is of 10,000 up to 32,000 and this varies from brands, features and other usages.


After knowing everything about the machine I have seen that it has many features on which a washing machine works, and it has all kind of features and they just varies from brands and ranges. The working elements are equally important in the working of the machine. This is now counted in the basic requirement of the house as it minimizes our work, saves time and effort, and mostly less use of human force. Thus, washing machines are very useful in today’s time and also very work efficiently for a working family.


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