The world has always been a place full of creations, inventions, ideas, research, etc. However, not all inventions and creations last long, but the recent concept of digital marketing seems to be holding the bar and has made it owns way of work pattern and structure. Recent day scenario of the COVID19 has left many of the companies practicing traditional marketing into a dilemma. For companies looking forward to establishing their business loss, digital marketing is the blessing in disguise for them.

Digital Marketing is one of the marketing attributes that has brought ease to many firms to increase the reach of their business products or services to the target customers.

It is very important to have a digital marketing solution providing a firm that can help make your business get unprecedented results and profits. A firm that has no digital marketing service provider or just practices their marketing traditionally, is losing out on their customers, their market share, and the competition as a whole.

Marketing done online or digitally, gives you an upper hand in competition because this way you can turn regular visitors of your business into your target customers. It helps to achieve your financial goals, competitive goals, market goals, and yes good relationship between you and your customers! Today we have a list of top 23 digital marketing firms from NEW YORK CITY.

#1. King & Partners

Best Digital Marketing Companies King & Partners | LinkedIn

King & Partners was founded in the year 2010, headquartered and independently owned in New York City, works with individuals who think can do things differently, and how better they can do it. It is known for its e-commerce expertise and has been providing exceptional creative solutions to its clients.

Name – King & Partners

Phone – + 1 212 – 371 – 8500

Website –

Services – Strategy and brand positioning, Tome of voice, Naming and Visual Identity, Brand applications, Campaigns, and collaterals, Brand books, Art direction, SEO, SEM, E-commerce management, etc.


#2. Aumcore


Aumcore – Digital Marketing Agency in NYC is said to be driven by results. Their SEO strategy helps deliver growth in organic traffic and also neuromarketing is something aloof that they have come up with. So, if you are looking to understand your customer behavior, neuromarketing is the best strategy that they can help you with!

Name – Aumcore

Phone – + 1 212 – 776 – 1414

Website –

Services – Strategic services, Development services, Creative services, E-commerce, Sitecore development, Platform integration, Brand strategy, Social Media, Research, SEO, PPC, Content plan, etc.

Clients – Comodo Cybersecurity, McIntosh Laboratory, 3D Asset Management, Davis & Company, eviCore, Unilever – knorr, OTBT Shoes, Cope Active, Crotos Market, D+M Direct, HEOS by Denon, QSpex, etc.

#3. Digital Marketing Services NYC LLC

Digital Marketing Services NYC LLC is the most trusted firm by LinkedIn, Zendesk, eMyth, and many more because of its automated scheduling software. They have been consistently performing to maintain their position and give you the best to comes to your clients and contacts.

Name – Digital Marketing Services NYC LLC

Phone – + 1 347 – 707 – 4488

Website –

Services – Optimal sales efficiency, Leads efficiency, Full-Service Integration, B2B leads efficiency & Data mapping, Service Integration, etc.

Clients – Not available

#4. Chatter Buzz

Chatter Buzz

Chatter Buzz, for more than a decade, has helped businesses of all size transform their potential targets into a strategy that outperform their competition. They are the believers of only results and no excuses.

Name – Chatter Buzz

Phone – + 1 713 – 736 – 2880

Website –

Services – SEO, Paid search, Search and Mobile Retargeting, Social Media Advertising, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Web design, and development, etc.

Clients – Bed Bath & Beyond, Legoland Florida, LENNAR, USIC, University of South Florida, Team Viewer, Domain Homes, Commonwell Health Alliance, SWIFT, DUNKIN DONUTS, LOCKHEED MARTIN, etc.

#5. Socialfly

Site Logo

Socialfly – NYC Social Media Agency specializes in social media, media planning, growth hacking, etc. They are the gods of social media marketing and influencer marketing, so go and get yourself their services!

Name – Socialfly – NYC Social Media Agency

Phone – + 1 917 – 300 – 8298

Website –

Services – Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Creative Services, Paid Media, etc.


#6. Ruckus Marketing LLC

Ruckus Marketing logo

Ruckus Marketing, LLC offers you the crafted disruption that will take your firm to another level. Their reputation stands in working with global influencers and game-changing brands.

Name – Ruckus Marketing, LLC

Phone – + 1 646 – 564 – 3880

Website –

Services – Branding, Campaigns, Brand DNA, Positioning, E-commerce, Corporate Presence, Lead Generation, SEO/SEM, Media, etc.

Clients – Acoustic Tailor, Admiral Capital Group, ALTEC LANSING, BMW, Carlosfalchi, Crayola, Murad, HSBC, Chrysalis, BRAND NEW BODY, BEEKMAN 1802, etc.

#7. Digital Marketing Agency LLC

Digital Marketing Agency, LLC is the #1 ranked agency for digital marketing. Their aggressive digital marketing plans are a must to take your business to new heights. The winners of more than 30 awards are recommended for their SEO services.

Name – Digital Marketing Agency, LLC

Phone – + 1 – 800 – 569 – 2754

Website –

Services – SEO, Laser focused PPC, Lead driven content, Comprehensive social media, Thorough Reputation Management, Unparalleled mobile apps, Custom Design, Web Analytics, Reputation Management, etc.

Clients – Makeable, KOHLER, PROMOGO, BLOCKCHAIN, trip advisor, etc.

#8. Fuel Online

Fuel Online Digital Marketing Agency

Fuel Online as seen in FORBES, Entrepreneur Magazine, INC., CNN, etc. has been rated one of the best digital marketing agencies consistently. Fuel Online leads the path with cutting edge data-driven SEO and PPC.

Name – Fuel Online

Phone – + 1 888 – 475 – 2552

Website –

Services – SEO, Social media management, PPC – Pay Per Click, Media Buying, Digital Strategy, Facebook advertising, etc.

Clients – Trustmark, FlexSeal, Fujitsu, ADP, Sunglass Hut, Subaru, etc.

#9. Taktical Design


taktical design is well-preferred because of its obsessive focus on maximizing Return of Investment. Also their performance-based compensation speaks for them, so if you do well, they do well, as well.

Name – Taktical Design

Phone – + 1 – 877 – 825 – 8422

Website –

Services – Facebook ads, Snapchat ads, Amazon marketing, Pinterest advertising, Twitter advertising, Organic Search, Email marketing, etc.

Clients – CAPSULE, Casper, CADRE, BARK BOX, mavi, splash, BUSTLE, Paddle, Ellen, RACHEL ZOE, taos footwear, CHASE, Le Vian Oasis, elite daily, BLUE NILE, Jetty, etc.

#10. Searching Fever

New York Seo Company & Digital Marketing Agency

Searching Fever helps increase your online exposure through its SEO strategy. They are the #1 for premier New York SEO. Their SEO gives you results that are more than expected.

Name – Searching Fever

Phone – + 1 917 – 426 – 9001

Website –

Services – SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Analysis, Facebook ads, etc.

Clients – Not available

#11. Crafted

creative agency NYC crafted marketing

The company that has its name after craft, surely seems to believe in crafting perfection for their customers. Crafted has a reputed clientele of BMW, NIKE, Paper Lane, etc. They have been spotted in many daily features of best marketing agency in many New York Publications.

Name – Crafted

Phone – 1 347 – 435 – 2269

Website –

Services – Advertising, Digital marketing, Website design, Website development, Branding, Video Production Service, Creative content production, Frameworks and CMS, etc.

Clients – New York Times, Tishman Speyer, Revolt TV, AppleInsider, Armani, Bloomberg, BMW, Banana Republic, NBA, etc.

#12. Advernation


Advernation – SEO Company, is the leading firm for Search Engine Optimisation solutions and Search Engine Management strategies. The firm has always been the best of the best for its strategical solutions that help get you wanted results and also the recognition.

Name – Advernation – SEO Company

Phone – 1 212 – 500 – 0594

Website –

Services – SEO, Local SEO, Video Marketing, Website advertising, PPC management, Display advertising, Search engine advertising, Search retargeting, Advertising, Mobile app advertising, etc.

Clients – Buyers Of New York, Golden I Construction, Medlin Ramps, etc.

#13. Fishbat Media

Fishbat Logo b

fishbat Media helps in creating a brand image that speaks about its business. And it takes your vision into consideration and transforms it into a long-lasting strategy.

Name – Fishbat Media

Phone – + 1 855 – 347 – 4228

Website –

Services -Strategy, Branding, Content, Market, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media, etc.

Clients – AXLE, Bellucci, Cassone, Clarity Benefit Solutions, GMIS, JLOFTS, Monster, Pra King, Spartan Race, Tastefully Plated, Watermark Pointe, etc.

#14. Hunter Digital

HUNTER Digital

HUNTER Digital has been named the best by the CLUTCH. They have been awarded for the excellence in their performance may it be digital marketing, social media marketing or inbound marketing.

Name – HUNTER Digital

Phone – 1 212 – 202 – 1431

Website –

Services – Local SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, LinkedIn Advertising, Facebook & Instagram Advertising, Paid Search PPC, Amazon Seller Central Experts, etc.


#15. Nustream Marketing

NuStream Marketing specialises in website design, search engine optimisation and video production. They are the ones that can provide traffic boosting solutions and can also drive good sales for you.

Name – NuStream Marketing

Phone – 1 646 – 979 – 7217

Website –

Services – Web design, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Video Production, SEO, YouTube video production, Retargeting, etc.

Clients – CITTERIO, MORTGAGE AMERICA, CreditSafe, alphagraphics, Nature’s Best Organic Feeds, A – TREAT, ASGCO, the Y, etc.

#16. Executive Digital

Executive Digital | LinkedIn

New entrants in the market looking for good digital solutions, executive digital is the place for you. They are great in creating foundation for your business’s online presence. Their SEO strategies give competitors a cutting edge competition.

Name – Executive Digital

Phone – 1 646 – 846 – 0127

Website – executive –

Services – SEO, Web Development, Content Marketing, Programmatic Advertising, Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Vishal Production, Video SEO, etc.

Clients – Basal Construction,, THE WHISLER, BURGER MEISTER, biofit, AnswerHero, ACCORD, TANUKI, Ring by Name, HJR Global, AUTO ELITE, etc.

#17. 360i

360i | Integrated Creative and Media Agency

360i is built for progressive marketers that are eager for ideas that bring human and business sense. The company has received accolades for several works and has been regarded as the top influential company of USA.

Name – 360i

Phone – 1 888 – 360 – 9630

Website –

Services – Creative, Media Planning & Buying, Strategy, People based & Programmatic Media, Data & Analytics, Search & Shopping, Consumer Insights, etc.

Clients – 2U, 7-ELEVEN, ABSOLUT., AMERICAN EAGLE, Bakkt, BEN & JERRY’S, bravo, BURBERRY, Champion, Chico’s, chili’s, DSW, FOSSIL, SONOS, HYATT, HBO, Hanes, etc.

#18. WebFX Digital Marketing

WebFX | LinkedIn

Name – WebFX Digital Marketing

Phone – 1 646 – 961 – 3131

Website –

Services – Web design, SEO, PPC, Email marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, etc.

Clients – Paulb parts, Reynolds Building Solutions, York Saw and Knife, Cutting Edge Firewood, All Pro Trailer Superstore, ABWE International, etc.

#19. Digital Natives Group

Digital Natives Group | LinkedIn

Digital Natives Group has been awarded since the day of its inception for its difference-making work. They have received 45+ awards, and have been the leading agencies in the US. Digital Natives create a dynamic home for your brand on the web, let’s your brand speak by creating a place on social media.

Name – Digital Natives Group

Phone – 1 718 – 433 – 1122

Website –

Services – Strategy, Web Development, A/B Design, Analytics, Email, Market Research, Brand Essence, Positioning, Brand Collateral, etc.

Clients – GRAND CENTRAL, NFL, WINES from SPAIN, hachette, Polaroid, CITRA, TLC, Pinterest, SIMON & SCHUSTER, ANYTIME FITNESS, etc.

#20. Path Interactive


Path Interactive’s advanced analytics, creates a campaign for you beyond your imagination. They believe in smart SEO for ROI, good digital solutions to scale your profits.

Name – Path Interactive

Phone – 1 212 – 661 – 8969

Website –

Services – Paid Search, SEO, Digital Media, Creative Strategy, Analytics, Social Media, Web Design/Development, etc.

Clients – iCIMS, WWE SHOP, City MD, hello products, BIRCHBOX, CBC, Loacker, ZAGAT, ARMITRON, RELATED, SCHOLASTIC, PACE UNIVERSITY, Bluefly, meredith, etc.

#21. Digitalux


Digitalux works as a part of your business, their motive is not to work for your business, but to work with your business, so as to understand all the possible outcomes of the business. They have got you covered for everything, right from data to delivery!

Name – Digitalux

Phone – 1 732 – 703 – 7491

Website –

Services – SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Strategic Consulting, Website Design & Development, etc.

Clients – College Of mount Saint Vincent, JL MEDIA, AlignIT, Anello Fence, etc.

#22. Gourmet Marketing

Gourmet Marketing

Gourmet Marketing has adopted a policy that marketing is for today and tomorrow. Their email marketing and search marketing is something that gourmet takes pride in.

Name – Gourmet Marketing

Phone – 1 646 – 854 – 4229

Website –

Services – Branding, Website Design, Email Marketing, Advertising, Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Strategy, Public Relations, Photography, etc.

Clients -ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar, THE HALAL GUYS, Stoli, m&m, The Dais, etc.

#23. The Charles NYC

THE CHARLES NYC (@thecharlesnyc) | Twitter

Charles NYC is creatively driven, process-oriented, and results-focused. Want to create something beautiful? you can go ahead and contact them, don’t miss out on your chances.

Name – The Charles NYC

Phone – 1 212 – 226 – 8929

Website –

Services – Digital Strategy, Data modeling, Product Strategy, Brand Development, Measurement, Analytics, Digital OOH, Google SEM, Paid Social, Insights & Research, etc.

Clients – AVEDA, Bloomberg Media, Facebook, Cartier, BACARDI LIMITED, OMEGA, ERNO LASZLO, Hard Rock Hotel, Sam Edelman, SACHIN & BABI, etc.

I conclude the article and hope that it will be of great help to you. And you should definitely make out the best from this, and see if these companies can fulfill all your requirements and can meet up to your needs. Everyone and anyone, be it a small scale firm or a large scale firm can get the best solutions in a budget.


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