You, me, and everybody want the best of the best for themselves, however, how many of us are ready to search for the best option. Yes, it takes time for you to look for a software solution providing company, but the results would be hilarious for the time you invest. I have researched, hunted, and have been everywhere, just you give you the top 23 Best software companies from NYC.

Now, it’s your chance to take to them, all that you expect for your business. So as to create it, and achieve it, and make it a happening reality. This will make you stand and sustain all the market informalities and the unwanted mess.

Top 23 Best software companies in New york City

#1. ManhattanTech

Best software companies in New york City | Manhattan Tech Support

ManhattanTech provides custom IT support solution packages, and their business model is built around keeping their clients engagement top priority.

Name – ManhattanTech

Phone – + 1 212 – 710 – 2338

Website –

Services – Managed IT services, Cloud services, IT strategy, Telecommunications, Software Development, Business Intelligence,

Clients – SPYTEC, bpc, ICP, Richmond Global Compass, CORRA, Teachers Pay Teachers, VGI Partners, GURHAN, MTN Capital Partners LLC, INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL NY, etc.

#2. Icreon

Icreon a pioneering innovation and technology company, who caters to allmoat every single industry. Believers of fulfilling clients needs, and achievers of many awards for their outstanding performance.

Name – Icreon

Phone – + 1 212 – 706 – 6021

Website –

Services – Technology Assessment, Architecture Consulting, Business Process Digitization, Technology Consolidation, IP & Product Engineering, Data Architecture, Business Intelligence, etc.

Clients – IMG, National Geographic, New York Road Runners, TOTO, XPO Logistics, PEPSICO, Panasonic, Ferrari, NYU, hmv, LMG, vocativ, Robinhood, NOKIA, PBS, Deloitte, TEREX, etc.

#3. Eze Software


Eze Software’s innovative technology, superior client service, and collaborative expertise have made them trusted global partner platform of choice for global investment managers.

Name – Eze Software

Phone – + 1 617 – 316 – 1000

Website –

Services – Collaboration Planning, Implementation, Issue Resolution, Trading and Counterparties Integration, Sell Slide Services, etc.

Clients – Alpine Peaks, Fairgreen, ProShares, Bennelong, PAX World’s, QQQ Capital, Salt Rock Capital Partners, Natare, etc.

#4. Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft logo

Intellectsoft since 2007 has been creating revolutionary software products for world-class brands. They always been visionary and a reliable when it comes to software engineering.

Name – Intellectsoft

Phone – + 1 855 – 867 – 3387

Website –

Services – Product Engineering, Mobile Development, IT Consulting, UX/UI Design, DevOps, QA & Testing, Team Extension, etc.

Clients – UNIVERSAL, NHS, Griffins, LAND ROVER, Hoosbaa, AF, Nestle, Clinique, Guinness, Walt Disney, Wynn, Jaguar, Gulls, etc.

#5. ThoughtWorks, Inc.


ThoughtWorks, Inc. connects strategy and execution, helping our clients to strengthen their core technology, scale with flexibility and create seamless digital experiences.

Name – ThoughtWorks, Inc.

Phone – + 1 646 – 412 – 5200

Website –

Services – Platform Strategies, Open Source Products, Intelligence-Driven Decision Making, Microservices, Evolutionary Architecture, etc.

Clients – SONIC, VAKT, IAG,, Delta, OTTO, Silent Herdsman, LATAM AIRLINES, Myer, etc.

#6. Innova Software

Inova Software logo

Innova Software gives you a technology-driven services, and makes your life easy and better. They offer a whole range of services right from Application development to Product design and strategy.

Name – Innova Software

Phone – + 1 212 – 608 – 0771

Website –

Services – Application Development, Web development, Product Design, Strategy, etc.

Clients – Not available

#7. TechnoSIP Inc.

Web & Mobile Application Development & Design Company in NYC | NJ | USA

TechnoSIP Inc. provides AWS consulting, monitoring, enterprise and e-commerce solutions. It propels client growth and makes them sufficient to run ahead of the competition.

Name – TechnoSIP Inc.

Phone – + 1 – 201 – 633 – 4050

Website –

Services – Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Hybrid Application Development, AWS Consulting Partner, SaaS Application, API Integration, etc.

Clients – Summer BodyClub, AVATouch, ExprCart, MMAGap, WellWoven, Don’t Leave It, LEVEL, BevConnect, etc.

#8. Saritasa

Top Custom Development Company

As we say that we should always leverage our strengths, Saritasa also believes in leveraging their experiences advanced technological solutions, that exceed expectations.

Name – Saritasa

Phone – + 1 646 – 213 – 7539

Website –

Services – Mobile Development, Web Development, AR/VR Development, Database Development, IoT Solutions, DevOps, Custom Development, etc.

Clients – Ovio Technologies Inc., Real Estate Endeavours Company, iHeart Media Inc., Audience Delivered, TVPlus, etc.

#9. Door3 Business Applications

Award-winning Technology Consultancy | NYC

With more than over 15 years in the race, Door3 has yielded hundreds of client partnerships, everyone rewarded in their own way. Having a client-centered strategy, they give their 100% to make their clients happy and satisfied.

Name – Door3 Business Applications

Phone – + 1 212 – 673 – 1818

Website –

Services – Digital transformation, Enterprise architecture, Experience strategy, Custom

development , Web development, Mobile development, Application security, User experience, User Interface, etc.

Clients – Barclay card, Fresh Direct, Aarong, IDT, Olympus, COTY, WWE, IDG, Time Warner, Elizabeth Arden, new balance, WELLS FARGO, etc.

#10. Fingent

Fingent ever creates product that leaves their clients wanting more and more for their business development. It deals with SAP, web designs and development, and relating services.

Name – Fingent

Phone – + 1 914 – 615 – 9170

Website –

Services – Customer software development, website development, mobile development, product development, SAP, System integration, Cloud application development, AR, VR, Mixed Reality, etc.

Clients – Trade Alliance Group, NEC Financial Services, Premium, NPC International, Replika, etc.

#11. Perpetual Solutions LLC

Perpetual Solutions LLC is consecutively top-rated agency when it comes to their work of design, strategy, and solutions. Perpetual stands for its frontend and backend development, with managed support services.

Name – Perpetual Solutions LLC

Phone – 1 212 – 904 – 1497

Website –

Services – Custom Software Development, Cloud Consulting & SI, Product Strategy, Product Design, Web Development, Frontend development, Backend development, etc.

Clients – SONDER, visible alpha, unpakt, TEACH FOR INDIA, loom network, THOMSON REUTERS, University of California San Francisco, the inside, Car & Driver, GLG, ELLE, MIT, etc.

#12. Weil & Jones


Weil & Jones is a firm that takes pride in their clientele, they are as their clients are. They work with different arrays of industries, with varied products for them, that lets them work with exceptional strategies and outperform.

Name – Weil & Jones

Phone – 1 646 – 472 – 7900

Website –

Services – Web Application Development, Custom Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Technology Assessment, Systems Integrations, Maintenance, etc.

Clients – Swipesho, USA for UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency, Boehringer Ingelheim, Astralweeks, Small World Trading Company, The Calvert Foundation,, Oil and Gas UK, etc.

#13. KeenEthics


KeenEthics gives you a platform for your business research, custom software development, artificial intelligence, etc. Clutch has rated them as a 5 star agency for their superior products.

Name – KeenEthics

Phone – + 1 929 – 214 – 1392

Website –

Services – Web Development, Mobile development, Minimum viable product, Progressive web apps, Dedicated development team,Cloud app development, Chatbots and artificial intelligence, Internet of things, etc.

Clients – ParkQX, OneRemission, Pree, Black Book, Tetrami, Pace up, Pollen, My GrassGrowth, BarFrogs, Phenix, Wargaming, Plutio, Comic English, etc.

#14. Damco Solutions

Damco Solutions has over 24+ years of experience, and their performance has been keeping up to its experience. Damco offers CRM’s to financial management systems to government apps to e-commerce development, and full services portfolio under one roof.

Name – Damco Solutions

Phone – 1 609 – 632 – 0350

Website –

Services – Product Engineering, Application Services, Cloud migration services, Mobility, Business Analytics, QA & testing, Virtual CTO Services, On-demand software developers, Infrastructure management, etc.

Clients – Finance, Healthcare, Education and many more industries.

#15. Lightmatter Innovation

Lightmatter Logo

Lightmatter Innovation is the ideal partner, that you might be looking for. They are world-class creators of web design, API, Mobile App, or website. Founded in the year 2013, they love to create, and for them designing the web is life.

Name – Lightmatter Innovation

Phone – 1 917 – 409 – 8850

Website –

Services – Custom software development, web development, Enterprise application modernization, Mobile application development, UX/UI Design, Product design, Web design, etc.

Clients – Bloomberg, CORIGIN VENTURES, General Assembly, Global Citizen, LACMA, McCANN Health, The New York Times, tempest, Two Chairs, HEYDAY, Galileo, Comfy, etc.

#16. Theodo

Theodo operates on a collaborative methodology which leads to lasting partnership and joyous clients. They have been operating for 10 years, and have delivered more than 500 projects, & they know what they are talking about.

Name – Theodo

Phone – 1 917 – 345 – 0112

Website –

Services – Serverless architecture, D3.js for data visualization, Python Django, Node.js, React Native, React, etc.

Clients – Allianz, Harvard Medical School, Mckinsey & Company, Embleema, Euler Hermes, Michelin, MADE, CONDE NAST, BNP PARIBAS, AXA, etc.

#17. Ciklum

Ciklum: Culture | LinkedIn

Ciklum inspires businesses to bring ideas to life, they are enthusiastic about helping you for meeting your expectations. Ciklum’s digital commerce services and quality engineering is known for their best results.

Name – Ciklum

Phone – 1 212 – 461 – 1780

Website –

Services – Digital Commerce, Robotic Process Automation, Cyber Security Services, Application Development, Data & Analytics Solutions, DevOps, Quality Engineering, Managed Services, etc.

Clients – METRO MARKETS, FLEXIBUS, EFG, Mercedes Pay, ZURICH, tobii, Lottoland, EURAPCO, BETSSON GROUP, eToro, etc.

#18. Codibly New York

Codibly logo

Change is the only thing constant in the world, Codibly also changes with the changing world. They are a dynamic firm, with dynamic technology and design. Their enterprise solutions have taken startups to great achievements such as The Best Startup’s of the Year, Solar Power World Top Solar Products.

Name – Codibly New York

Phone – 1 646 – 844 – 5899

Website –

Services – Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & Analytics Solutions, IT Transformation, Digital Sustainability, Software & Product Development, Discovery Workshops, IT Outsourcing, Nearshoring & TAAS, etc.

Clients – SHELL, Electriq Power, Kiwi Power Demand Management, NORDEX, NHS, UK Power Networks, EDISON Energy Dow What’s Ahead, PA, etc.


Gramercy Tech - Anything Is Possible

GRAMERCY TECH has been working continuously with just one moto that Anything is Possible. They are known to create attention-grabbing experiences, be it right from product design to experiential technology.


Phone – 1 646 – 918 – 6340

Website –

Services – Software Development, Experience Design, Interactive Technology, Mixed Reality, etc.

Clients – COMEDY CENTRAL, American Museum Of Natural History, Bloomberg, BLIZZARD Entertainment, NYC, X GAMES, etc.

#20. Fulcrum Digital

Fulcrum Digital | Digital Velocity, Delivered

Fulcrum Digital takes you on a digital transformation journey, where the journey is pleasing and full of inexperienced results. They are tremendously faster go to market with deep vertical cloud functionality.

Name – Fulcrum Digital

Phone – 1 201 – 523 – 7555

Website –

Services – Managed Innovation, Digital Accelerators, Transformation Drivers,

Clients – Not available

#21. DataArt Enterprises Inc.

DataArt Reports Record Revenue for 2017

DataArt Enterprises Inc. takes a normalcy approach of solving problems and helping their clients create new targets, helps open new markets for them. They have more than 20 offices worldwide, with 3500+ projects completed till date.

Name – DataArt Enterprises Inc.

Phone – 1 212 – 378 – 4108

Website –

Services – Agile Software Development, Platform Partnerships, Managed Support, Security, Quality & Performance Engineering, Solution Design, Legacy Modernization, Mobile First Systems, UX/ UI, etc.

Clients – PSI, ocado, zesty, betfair, hTC, NASDAQ, Meet-up, NOVASEEL RESEARCH, bematech, etc.

#22. SourcePad

SourcePad | LinkedIn

SourcePad is very agile, transparent, and dedicated with their services. Founded in 2008, they have helped 150+ startups build their channel in the market, and also have helped with few acquisitions.

Name – SourcePad

Phone – 1 646 – 583 – 2398

Website –

Services – Android development, iOS development, UX/ UI design, Web development, etc.

Clients – true & co, 1000 Museums, plum alley, eNeighbr, Risk Priorities, On TimeRx, FLEXPORT, Windfall, SERIAL BOX, Niche, Live Meet, etc.

#23. JetRockets

JetRockets | LinkedIn

JetRockets headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, and a development center in Tver, Russia, it is fully equipped to serve a diverse spectrum of global businesses. They craft premium enterprise-level software for a range of clients, and prevent errors and meet your project expectations.

Name – JetRockets

Phone – 1 646 – 598 – 6452

Website –

Services – Custom Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Technology Audit & Project Rescue, UX design, UI design, Corporate Identity, etc.

Clients –, gone streakin, Shift, REI Loans, Infinito, Bastion, etc.


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