Here I will list you the best working electric shavers. I took the pain for many hours to create this whole list for you( for your long beard ;-)). The products listed here are of minimum $50.

Before diving into these list of shavers let’s look into the history(How it is invented).

On may 13 1930, Colonel Jacob Schick obtained the patent for his invention. He suffered an injury while doing some gold exploration in Alaska and British Columbia in the early 1910s. Due to his injury, he found difficult to shave his beard. There the idea to create the machine is born. In 1930 the firm was incorporated as Schick Dry Shaver, Inc. From then onwards, the company sales shot the shy.

Jacob Schick

Today in the market we have ample of electric shavers, you don’t need to use the dangerous razors which might cut your skin.

Now let’s dive into the best electric shavers which don’t cut your skin.

  • Low cost.

  • pop-up trimmer.

  • 35 min battery time.

  • Close cut blade for fast shave.

  • hassle free to wash.

  • Adjusts to your face curves and gives you cut free shave.

This is a Rotary shaver which is designed with circular blades that make slow, rotating motions under slotted “heads”. Same like the other shavers this will also cause you some irritation after shaving. 

It is recommended to use any after shave creams to reduce your skin burn or try the other products below which do not cause you any skin burn.

The battery time is 35 min which is quite less. But it gives you around 14 shaves for 8 hours of charging. Now a days almost every device uses Li-ion and this shaver does too.The best thing is the price tag which is less than $50. This shaver will provide a good value for its price tag.

  • Electric Foil shaver.

  • NiMH battery technology-  45 min Shaving time.

  • Wet or Dry shave .

  • Easy to shave upper-lip.

  • Micro Comb technology to grab more hair

The Braun is a good brand in this hair grooming industry. 

This product has micro comb technology which grabs your total hair to make a clean shave. There are 3 parts work together for a cleaner shave and they adapt to your face curves to avoid cuts or injuries.

I know you are not a barber to make clean shave as he does. This shaver comes with a long hair trimmer to shape your sideburns.

Choose a shaver which can clean your hair in both wet or dry conditions. Braun helps you to take out the hair in both wet and dry conditions. Apply a gel or simply splash some water on your face and start cleaning your hair. This electric shaver comes with a cleaning station where you can clean the shaver which is filled with your hair.



  • Have a nice wet and dry shave

  • Led– Display.

  • Easy to change head- Shaver or trimmer.

  • 1 hr to full charge and 45 min shave time.

  • Rotary shaver.

When I have seen this for the first time I could take off my eyes out of this shaver. This is not only a shaver, you can turn it into a trimmer by changing the head. LED- display is the most beautiful part of this machine. The design looks rich.

When the battery is dead it takes only 5 min to come back to life and takes 1 hr to charge completely. It gives you around 45 min of shave time. You can use this while you take bath or simply apply a gel to remove the hair. This due to Dry and wet shave technology.

It might irritate your skin after shaving. I advise you to get an aftershave cream to get relief from such skin burns,




  • Men’s health grooming award-2014.

  • 14,000 CPM motor to make fast shave.

  • 5 Blades at 30º angle gives you a clean shave.

This shaver won Men’s health grooming Award 2014. The award itself says that it is good for means health. The skin burns chances are the least cases.

The 5 blades are placed at the 30º angle to give you a close and clean shave. This electric shaver is powered by a lithium polymer battery. You can recharge it with the AC charger provided in the box.

14000 CPM motor is fixed in this to make a fast and effective shave. You can get your beard cleaned even when you are taking bath or with a gel as it supports both Wet & dry shave.

The Arc5 sensors automatically detect differences in beard density along the cheeks, neck, and jaw. As the electric razor moves across your face, power flow is continually adjusted to accelerate where the beard is thickest and soften where it’s not.



  • 10,00 micro vibrators to capture your hair effectively.

  • Unique osilatiing middle trimmer.

  • Both Dry and wet shave.

  • Sensitive and intensive modes.

The ergonomically designed foils consistently capture your hair over the foil to cut the hair deeper. The pulsonic technology with 10,000 micro vibrations captures more hair with every stroke. These braun shavers are fully washable, you can just rinse the heads in the water and let it dry in the air for few minutes.

This company has patented its unique oscillating middle trimmer which lifts and cuts flat-lying hair for a through shave problem areas like chin and neck. In this machine there are 2 modes available to you. Sensitive and intensive modes. The sensitive mode activates the shaver gently but in the intensive mode the motor acts very fast. When you are in a hurry try to use intensive mode to save time.



  • V- track precision blades for close shave.

  • Aqua tech dry and wet edition.

  • Cleaning and lubricating at same point.

  • 2 years warranty.

  • Charges very fast and lasts for one week.

The V- Track precision blades perfectly guides the hair for a close shave. This will remove your hair and keeps your skin smooth.

This comes with the aqua tech dry and wet technology. So, you don’t need to worry while you are in the bathroom.

The product is packed along with a cleaning system. This will clean your shaving head and lubricates it for the next shave. The hair cleaned in that system is settled down in a filter.

The electric shaver works well but in case if it fails to work effectively you can demand another piece as it has a 2-year warranty.




  • OMG star wars edition.

  • Click on precision trimmer for sideburns

  • Dry and wet shave.

  • 60 min of cordless shaving.

  • LED- display.

Among this list, this is the only one shaver which gives you the 60 min cordless shaving. The best part is that it is a star wars special edition. The design or its color is ultimate. Let me tell you one thing While making this list for you I have found this electric shaver. This is a special edition so immediately I have ordered it and I am looking forward to my delivery. 

It gives you neat and clean shave in dry or wet conditions. The LED display is the most attracting part.

There are the modes sensitive, normal and fast. You can turn on to whichever mode you want to according to your needs.



  • Precision trimmer for sideburns.

  • Wet and dry shave.

  • 40 Min cordless shave time.

  • 2 Years warranty.

The precision trimmer is used to shape your sideburns. This beautiful machine can shave your hair when it is in dry or wet condition.

The dual precision mode will catch the long and short hair to remove your hair completely.

The Philips Norelco gives you a 40 min shave time. If you charge it once you can have few shaves.

When you complete your shave touch the skin, you will feel really smooth. 



  • Automatic charging.

  • Deep cleaning action with Alcohol.

  • Lubricates itself for safer shave.

  • 5 min quick charge at dead cases.

The cleaning and charging stations at the same point. It will automatically charge the electric shaver. The cleaning system is filled with alcohol(NOT to drink 😉 ) to clean the shaver. for the next safer shave the cleaning system will lubricate the shaver head.

The machine might die for not recharging it on time. Things like this happen only when you are in a hurry situation. Luckily this has a quick charge feature. The shaver come back to life with a 5 min charge.

It will try to reduce the skin irritation after the shave. But still you should have an after shave cream for situations where it can cause irritation.


  • Sideburn trimmer.

  •  dual-motor shaving system.

  • precision-honed 30° angle Nanotech blades.

  • 10-stage LCD

This Panasonic shaver is equipped with a fast, powerful Hyper Performance Dual Motor which features a linear drive that delivers 14,000 cuts per minute. 

The 4 blades parts help lift and hold hair for a clean, smooth and efficient shave. The 10 stage LCD allows you to easily check power status, charge indicator and cleaning and replacement reminders for blades.

replace the outer foil at least every year to maintain your shaver’s cutting performance and the inner blade every two years.


The common things in the listed electric shavers are Wet and dry shave, closer have for smooth skin, hassle-free wash and adjusts to your face curves to provide cut free shave.

Note: – The electric shavers-with a low price tag don’t give good performance as the high price tag products. I am not saying you to buy very high priced products($400-$500) instead get the shaver at the reasonable price(starting from $ 100).

The high priced shavers may have features which you might not use. Then why you should pay for the product which you do not use.Sometimes these high priced electric shavers perform same as the electric shavers with a reasonable price tag.

I have used few electric razors below $ 100. They didn’t provide good quality in design and it didn’t  last long. But when I have started using the above listed electric shavers which are above$100 I found a difference. The design is really good and they are lasting for years.

The Panasonic Arc 5, Braun Series 5-565cc are the shavers which I have used for a log time and they work really well. Even The other products give you the best shave when compared to other electric shavers in the market.


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